Melissa is featured as soloist on the following recordings:

2016  L’amant Jaloux (Gretry) – Gretry Flute Concerto in C major. Pinchgut Live: PG008

2015  Brandenburg Celebrates – Telemann Concerto in e minor for flute, violin and

Screen+Shot+2017-10-15+at+3.09.19+pmstrings. ABC Classics: 481 1929

2015  Smorgasbord-Music of Sweden. Move: MCD512

Solo Album

2013 touchons du bois Melissa Farrow and Erin Helyard. Self release: MTF001


Available on iTunes


Other CDs on which Melissa is playing:

Australian Haydn Ensemble

2017 Beethoven Piano Concertos 1 and 3 in chamber arrangements with Neal Peres da Costa.


2016  The Haydn Album. ABC Classics:481206

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

2017 The Romantics- Grieg, Mendelssohn, Paganini. Australian Brandenburg Orchestra with Shunske Sato. ABC Classics: 4814952

2015  Brandenburg Celebrates. ABC Classics: 481 1929

2000 Andreas Scholl: Nisi Dominus-Salve Regina. ABC Classics: 4810072L'Amant+Jaloux+iTunes+Cover

The Marais Project

2015  Smorgasbord-Music of Sweden. Move: MCD512

 Pinchgut Opera ( Orchestra of the Antipodes)

2017 Pygmalion (Rameau). Digital release.

2016  L’Amant Jaloux (Gretry). Pinchgut Live:PG008

01 front cover with text

2015 Iphigenie en Tauride (Gluck). Pinchgut Live: PG006

2014 The Chimney Sweep (Salieri). Pinchgut Live: PG005

2013  Castor and Pollux (Rameau). Pinchgut Live: PG003

2011 L’anima del Filosofo/Orpheus and Eurydice (Haydn). Pinchgut Live: PG001

2009 David and Jonathan (Charpentier). ABC Classics: 4763691

2007 Idomeneo (Mozart). ABC Classics: 4766350


2006  Dardanus (Rameau)ABC Classics: 4765844

2005 L’Orfeo (Monteverdi). ABC Classics: 4768030

Orchestra of the Antipodes

2011 Brandenburg Concertos (J.S Bach). ABC Classics: 4761923 (recorded 2003)

2003 Bach Arias and Duets featuring Sara Macliver and Sally Ann Russell (J.S Bach). ABC Classics: 476118-3

Australian Baroque Brass

2006/9 Music of a Golden Age vol. 1 and 2 (Mozart). Australian Baroque Brass.  Tubicium Records: TR761901

Sinfonia Australis

2006 The Voice featuring Teddy Tahu Rhodes. ABC Classics: 476227-2

2003 Complete piano concertos and Sonatas featuring Gerard Willems (Beethoven).ABC Classics: 4810464

2003 The Lark Ascending:The timeless music of V. Williams (Vaughn Williams). ABC Classics: 4729842

2002 Glorious Night: More Christmas Music of Peace and Tranquility with Sinfonia Australis , Sirius Ensemble, and others. ABC Classics: 4726002


‘touchons du bois’


My first solo cd, recorded in 2013, contains a selection of pieces from the modern flautist’s examination and Eisteddfod repertoire. In particular, it highlights movements of pieces taken from the Baroque section of the 2013 AMEB Flute Syllabus.

I wanted to create an easily accessible listening resource for the student, teacher and performer of the modern flute- a guide on matters of phrasing, articulation, tone colour, and informed historical practice.

In the process, the project developed into a recording that can be appreciated and enjoyed in its own right.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to work again with Dr Erin Helyard, my accompanist on this recording. We use two different harpsichords as well as a fortepiano to appropriately accompany the flutes. I perform on three different flutes . each a copy of an original 18th century instrument and chosen to match as authentically as possible the period and geography of the pieces played.


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